Travis CI Enterprise release notes
Travis CI Enterprise release notes

Release 2.2.19





Bug Fixes

  • The client_secret removed from gatekeeper log
  • Removal of duplicated cron jobs from database
  • Not enabling i386 architecture for packages for s390x in order to prevent apt-get update errors
  • Fix for no_proxy not honored by travis-tasks (eg GitHub status updates, Slack Updates, etc).
  • S3 cache settings fixed - Travis CI Enterprise builds should cache artifacts properly when building R project

Known Issues

  • Migrations and database creation are not run by default on startup when in HA mode. Have to run te-db-migrate and then te-db-migrate-logs manually on the platform host.
  • In HA mode canceling an individual job of a build matrix can return a 502.
  • HTTPS clones fail when GitHub Enterprise instance is using a self-signed cert.