Release 2.2.10

Bug fixes

  • Switching between Java versions fixed in Xenial build images.
  • Xenial build images now use systemctl instead of service.
  • Branches UI now displays the most recent build run even if done by trigger build API.
  • Better error messaging in UI for syncing initial repositories.

Known Issues

  • Travis CI Enterprise will still write to the old log after log rotation.
  • Migrations and database creation are not run by default on startup when in HA mode. You have to run te-db-migrate and then te-db-migrate-logs manually on the platform host.
  • In HA mode canceling an individual job of a build matrix can return a 502.
  • no_proxy not honored by travis-tasks (eg GitHub status updates, Slack Updates, etc)
  • When using a GitHub Enterprise instance in Private Mode, user/repository avatar images will not show up in emails nor will the build status image in repository README files.
  • When using a self-signed cert some images may not show in some email clients.
  • HTTPS clones fail when GitHub Enterprise instance is using a self-signed cert.