Release 2.1.15


  • travis-build has been updated to the latest version, bringing in these fixes and changes.
  • Improved proxy support for the platform. You can see the new settings 8800/settings#proxy_enable.

Security Fixes

  • System packages have been updated to their latest security versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Nightly user and repository sync jobs were not being worked, they will be now. You may see higher load as these old jobs are worked off, we've also added additional sync workers as some larger installs could get behind.
  • Fixed issue where the "none" authentication type was not honored for SMTP.

Known Issues

  • When using a self signed certificate, workers can have problems connecting to travis-build to download install scripts due to certificate issues (eg: Rust).
  • Travis CI Enterprise will still write to the old log after log rotation.
  • Migrations and database creation are not run by default on startup when in HA mode. Have to run te-db-migrate manually on the platform host.
  • In HA mode canceling an individual job of a build matrix can return a 502.
  • SNI not yet supported for RabbitMQ servers while in HA mode.
  • no_proxy not honored by travis-tasks (eg GitHub status updates, Slack Updates, etc).